Food grade stainless steel welded pipe

Food-grade stainless steel welded pipes have a wide range of applications, and there are internal and external polishing requirements. For stainless steel welded pipe, the weld seam treatment is very important, 0.5mm can also achieve the effect of internal polishing.

If it is a food grade stainless steel welded pipe, generally it needs to be polished inside and outside, and at the same time the weld seam needs to be flattened and bright solidified. The need for internal and external polishing has nothing to do with the wall thickness, only the application. Too thin wall thickness is not a big problem for internal polishing, and the pass rate for external polishing may be lower.

Food grade means that the material meets the requirements of food materials (under normal temperature or normal conditions), and the stainless steel does not affect the inside and outside, and it needs to be cleaned.

If it is a welded pipe, it does not matter whether it is thrown inside or outside. It also depends on the diameter of your tube. There is no way to throw a seamless tube inside.

It cannot be said that the wall thickness of 0.5 is too thin. Because if you can’t make a wall thickness of 0.5 with a diameter of one meter, it will be flat without pressing. So it depends on the diameter of your tube.

Maybe your pipe is too long and the wall thickness is too thin. The internal and external polishing depends on the purpose. You don’t have such high requirements and there is no need to increase unnecessary costs.

Post time: Oct-23-2020